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Help these kids find loving homes! 

Meet 16-year-old Jaqualon

Jaqualon prays that he will be adopted before he ages out of foster care in two years. That would be music to his soul.

Meet 9-year-old Kamyri

“I want to be adopted because I’m tired of foster care.” – Kamyri

Meet 13-year-old Joshua

When asked about what he wants to give his future family, Joshua answered with one word: “Happiness.”

Meet 13-year-old Kenneth

Kenneth wants to feel the greatest force in the world. “Love,” he said without hesitation.

Meet 11-year-old Tyshawn

Ty needs a loving family who will recognize how brilliant he is and take his potential to the next level.

Meet 15-year-old Aiden & 9-year-old sister Serah

“We love each other and like to have fun,” said Serah.

Meet 15-year-old A’zaria

This teen is working hard at treating the little girl inside of her with kindness and compassion.

Meet 13-year-old Christopher

“I have a lot of joy in life. I love music. I write and then listen. I sing a lot. I also play sports,” Chris said about his hobbies.

Meet 3-year-old Julian

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a younger child, you’re going to fall in love with Wednesday’s Child 3-year-old Julian. His advocates want him in a forever home ASAP.

Meet 11-year-old Ahmadrick

Ahmadrick would love a sports-minded forever family. Ahmadrick wants a forever home where he is loved, cherished, and yes, spoiled and seen.