Empower Dreams, Foster Futures  

Empower Dreams, Foster Futures  

Empower Dreams, Foster Futures  

Empower Dreams, Foster Futures  

Empower Dreams, Foster Futures  

Empower Dreams, Foster Futures  

There are over 18,000 children in foster care in Texas.

Do we really need more foster homes? 

Yes, we do! There is a shortage of foster homes in North Texas.

All children deserve a safe and loving place to call home, and sometimes they need a place to land for a short time. Foster parents can provide that and advocate for and with biological families.

Our goal is to strengthen families and we invite you to join us in this mission.


With you every step of the way, empowering your heart & home.

Step One

You’ve decided you want to be a foster parent, now what? The first step is to find the right agency for you. There are a lot of options in North Texas and we’ve made it easy for you to find a good fit.

Navigate to the map on this page to begin the search for the right fit for you.

Make contact with a couple of agencies. It can be good to “interview” a few before deciding what feels right. Please refer to the frequently asked questions but also ask a lot of questions of your potential agency.

Find the right agency for you here. 

Step Two

You have chosen an agency to work with! That’s great! You will then begin the process with your agency of choice. They will walk you through the process and and help you with all required documents and trainings.

While each agency might look unique in their process, the state of Texas requires the following for all foster homes:

  • Attend an Informational Meeting
  • Complete Foster Parent Training
  • Receive an approved home study, background checks and references

Step Three

Congrats! You are now a licensed foster parent and ready to take your first placement! Your case worker will be available to help you through each placement and all questions.

Foster families continue to complete foster parent training hours each year that they are licensed. These training hours help foster families improve and learn new parenting skills.

How long does it take to become a licensed foster parent?

Are there space requirements to foster? If so, what are they?

How does visitation with biological parents work?

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Can foster children share a room with my biological children?

Who is considered a kinship placement?

What kind of support do I get as a foster parent?

Ready to get started?

It’s time to find the right agency for you!

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You can make an impact on your community that lasts for generations.

Start the journey today to become a foster parent!